Project On Ultrasound Gesture Detection

In this project, ultrasound around 24kHz was used to detect movement near an object. Waving a hand or other solid object near the source of the ultrasound (speaker) causes a shift in the frequency of the sound, which is then detected by a microphone. We detected characteristic shifts in frequency to determine whether motion was towards (push) or away from (pull) the microphone. Two modes of visual indication were used to display the results of the motion detection: blinking LEDs and a computer display. With the blinking LEDs, a different color LED would light up according to the direction of motion detected. In the computer animation, the waveform would be displayed on screen along with markings of which parts are pulls and pushes. Sections of the waveform that represent different motions would be marked as push or pull.

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Project on Thermistor Respiratory Monitor

For our project, we wanted to create a solution to a real-world problem. Many biomedical devices, such as commercially available respiratory monitors, are designed for the developed world and require a stable power-supply to operate. We wanted to implement a solution that is adaptable to different environments.
Our device uses several concepts we learned this semester in College. We use analog-to-digital conversions to sample readings from both the thermistor and the battery, pulse-width modulation to generate a signal for the speaker, and timers to switch between tasks. Our implantation also includes various analog circuitry for voltage regulation and signal amplification. Developing a robust and accurate respiratory monitor served to be a challenging, yet rewarding experience.

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Engineereing Ebooks: Measurements and instruments third Edition

 'Measurement and Instrumentation Principles' is the latest edition of a successful book that introduces undergraduate students to the measurement principles and the range of sensors and instruments that are used for measuring physical variables. Completely updated to include new technologies such as smart sensors, displays and interfaces, the 3rd edition also contains plenty of worked examples and self-assessment questions (and solutions). In addition, a new chapter on safety issues focuses on the legal framework, electrical safety and failsafe designs, and the author has also concentrated on RF and optical wireless communications. Fully up-to-date and comprehensively written, this textbook is essential for all engineering undergraduates, especially those in the first two years of their course.

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Project on Integrated Farming System using Microcontroller

People heavily rely on large-scale farms to grow and ship produce to their local grocery stores. These farms are not always domestic and can be located on the other side of the world. This has become an issue today due to the high transportation costs associated with bringing copious amounts of produce to crowded urban areas as well as to areas that cannot sustain themselves with the local land. Furthermore, the preservatives that are required to allow produce to make it to market inflate this cost. In addition to these economic costs, there are the environmental impacts associated with transporting across these distances. 

Integrated Farming System (IFS) Project’s goal is to solve these issues by bringing the farms to these areas through an automated farming system. This system will be enclosed either in its own facility or housed within another existing building. The key is to minimize the amount of real estate required for these systems relative to how much land would be needed by a comparable farm. The constructed model focused on the caring aspects of the overall system. This prototype has proven the feasibility of the system’s design to save space while reducing crop costs.
Integrated Farming System (IFS) would be able to automatically seed, care for and harvest crops without any user assistance. Although not large, the prototype shows that this overall system is plausible as well as expandable due to its modular design.

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