project on Bomb and Fire detection Robot

This is a good Robotics final year project on "bomb and fire detection robot" foe Electronics students which aims at designing and executing the bomb ,fire and obstacle detection. The IR sensor is a pair sensors has a receiver and a transmitter sensor. The transmitter sends the, and if the receiver senses any of the transmitted signal it indicates the presence of an obstacle. A micro-controller is used to control all operations. According to the motor operations the robot will operate as specified in program.

Project On Sonar SensCap

This device is  to be worn on the head and around the hip to aid the visually impaired maneuver around obstacles. It provides information about obstacles near and around the head. When used with a cane, the user will have a complete sense of the topology of surrounding environment. This  device decreases the dependence of the visually impaired on others and increases their safety.
The device uses two ultrasonic sensors and a microcontroller to determine the proximity of the user to obstacles. The user has the option to choose between two modes of user feedback-headphones or vibrating motors. Both provide information about the location of and distance to an obstacle. The harder the motors vibrate or the louder the sound is, the closer the user is to an obstacle.

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Project on Advanced Vehicle Security System with Theft Control and Accident Notification

This is a Major final year project for Electronics engineering students on Advanced Vehicle Security System with Theft Control and Accident Notification which is designed to reduce the risk involved in losing the vehicle and providing accident notification which will reduce the rate of deaths. This is an inexpensive device which reduces the problem associated with accident notification and anti-theft control.
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Project on GSM Based Irrigation Water Supply Monitoring & Control System

The purpose of this project is to monitor and control the water flow to an irrigation system using Mobile Phone. This can be achieved by the use of soil moisture sensor, which senses the water content in the soil. This sensor output is given to a Microcontroller based control system for further data processing.
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Project On Gas detector Device

This is a gas detecting circuit capable of sensing many different types of gases. The sensor used is the GH-312 and from the datasheet it is capable of sensing gases like smoke, liquefied gas, butane and propane, Methane, alcohol, hydrogen, etc.
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Project On Evolving neural robot

The Project is to build a mobile robot with a developed neural network such that it evolves to avoid collisions into a circular vertical white wall while traveling at the fastest speed and straightest line possible without human intervention or external computers.

The completion of this project required extensive capacity and application on both hardware and software ends. In constructing the robot, we needed to build the custom prototype board, apply infrared sensors as neural inputs, implement stepper motors for robot motion, and provide a mobile power supply to the MCU. The purpose of these design factors is to allow the autonomous movement of the robot while minimizing the size of our robot, to accurately sense distance and collisions into the white wall of our arena, and to calculate the velocity precisely while providing sustainable torque to move our robot. On the software end, we needed to execute an evolutionary spiking neurons algorithm that interfaced with our hardware. The purpose of this was to integrate a spiking neural model with infrared sensors as inputs and motor speeds as outputs to determine robot velocity and direction. We also implemented the evolutionary model based on assessing random individuals of a randomly generated population through a fitness equation and improving the population by discarding the worst individual in the population with the worst fitness. The fitness equation measured by the velocity of the robot, the direction change, and the amount of activity from sensors. 
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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Project

The robotic vacuum is mainly built from a circular piece of foam board.. The robotic vacuum uses a rotating brush underneath the unit to vacuum a carpet as it passes over it. Two stepper motors, aligned across the center axis of the robot, are used to accurately drive the robotic vacuum around a room. Because the body of the robot is circular and the steppers are placed along the center axis, the robot can spin in place in any direction. One free-spinning chair wheel is located at the rear of the robot to keep it balanced.

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Project On autonomous Visually Steered Car

For our final project, we re-engineered a remote control car to autonomously navigate through a track by detecting lanes and centering itself between them as well as detect objects in front of it and avoid collision. The RC car detects lanes through image input from a low-resolution camera mounted at its front. Using an IR distance sensor, the car determines when to stop accelerating once a certain distance between a forward object has been breached. All computations based on sensor data are handled by an Atmel Mega644 MCU. Due to the nature of the input peripherals, especially the camera, this system is extremely time sensitive so that computations had to be optimized as much as possible in order for the car to be able to react and respond with proper movements in real time. In addition, given the limited computational capacity of this 8-bit MCU, our design made use of several computational efficiency strategies. 
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Project on Wireless Battery Charger

This report covers the basis and design of  the wireless battery charger. The wireless  charger will convert the RF/ microwave signal  at 900 MHz frequency into a DC signal, and then store the power into an AAA battery. The project is divided into 3 parts: transmitter, antenna, and charging circuit. A complete discussion of the specifications of the battery charger is provided after data measurements. This report also includes component list, financial, data results, and other key information.   

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Microwave Engineering by Pozar mediafire link

Focusing on the design of microwave circuits and components, this valuable reference offers professionals and students an introduction to the fundamental concepts necessary for real world design. The author successfully introduces Maxwell's equations, wave propagation, network analysis, and design principles as applied to modern microwave engineering. A considerable amount of material in this book is related to the design of specific microwave circuits and components, for both practical and motivational value. It also presents the analysis and logic behind these designs so that the reader can see and understand the process of applying the fundamental concepts to arrive at useful results. The derivations are well laid out and the majority of each chapter's formulas are displayed in a nice tabular format every few pages. This Third Edition offers greatly expanded coverage with new material on: Noise; Nonlinear effects; RF MEMs; transistor power amplifiers; FET mixers; oscillator phase noise; transistor oscillators and frequency multiplier.
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GSM mobile based car control Project

A   remote   control   vehicle   is    defined   as     any mobile  device  that  is  controlled by  a  means  that  does  not restrict its motion with an origin external to the device. This is often   a         radio  control     device,   cable      between  control  and vehicle,  or  an  infrared  controller.  A remote control  vehicle (Also called  as RCV)  differs  from  a robot  in that  the  RCV is always controlled by a human and takes no positive action autonomously.
One of the key technologies which underpin this field is that of remote vehicle control. It is vital that a vehicle should be capable of proceeding accurately to a target area; maneuvering  within that area to   fulfill    its    mission  and returning equally accurately and safely to base.
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Microcontroller Based Solar Tracking System

Renewable energy solutions are becoming increasingly popular.  Photovoltaic (solar) systems are but one example.  Maximizing power output from a solar system is desirableto increase efficiency.  In order to maximize power output from the solar panels, one needs to keep the panels aligned with the sun.  As such, a means of tracking the sun is required.  This is a far more cost effective solution than purchasing additional solar panels.  It has been estimated that the yield from solar panels can be increased by 30 to 60 percent by utilizing a tracking system instead of a stationary array .  This project develops an automatic tracking system which will keep the solar panels aligned with the sun in order to maximize efficiency. 


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