Project on Wireless Drawing Device

For our final project, we want to build a wireless drawing device. The user uses a keypad or a mouse to draw on the TV through a wireless communication medium (RF - 433.92 MHz). The user should be able to move
the drawing pointer to anywhere within the four border lines. One should also be able to draw or erase images on the TV screen. In designing this project, we have two goals - a primary, which is realizable, and a secondary, which is feasible. Our realizable goal is to build a wireless keypad interface with the television. In this interface, we want the keypad to be able to draw and erase on the TV. When we accomplish our primary goal, we shall attempt to achieve our secondary goal: to build a wireless mouse having the same functionality as the keypad. Due to time constraints, we ended up only being able to complete the primary goal. We chose this project because we were inspired by wireless communication technology.
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Project on Security Entrance System

Our security system is a stand alone device that allows access to registered users identified by their magnetic cards.(For this project, "access" is represented by a lit LED, showing how the system could be used to control an external locking mechanism.)The system includes features such as:
  • Multiple accounts, including Administrator accounts (which can create, modify, or delete the other accounts). The account information is stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory, so that it is maintained even if the system is reset.
  • A "lock down" of the system when someone tries to gain access by repeatedly swiping incorrect cards.
  • A 20x4 LCD display to give the user feedback on the current state (such as "Access allowed." or "try swiping the card the other way.") and to prompt administrators for commands. All messages printed to the LCD are simultaneously transmitted to an RS232 port, so that all activity can be logged by a PC. 
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