project on Bomb and Fire detection Robot

This is a good Robotics final year project on "bomb and fire detection robot" foe Electronics students which aims at designing and executing the bomb ,fire and obstacle detection. The IR sensor is a pair sensors has a receiver and a transmitter sensor. The transmitter sends the, and if the receiver senses any of the transmitted signal it indicates the presence of an obstacle. A micro-controller is used to control all operations. According to the motor operations the robot will operate as specified in program.

Project On Sonar SensCap

This device is  to be worn on the head and around the hip to aid the visually impaired maneuver around obstacles. It provides information about obstacles near and around the head. When used with a cane, the user will have a complete sense of the topology of surrounding environment. This  device decreases the dependence of the visually impaired on others and increases their safety.
The device uses two ultrasonic sensors and a microcontroller to determine the proximity of the user to obstacles. The user has the option to choose between two modes of user feedback-headphones or vibrating motors. Both provide information about the location of and distance to an obstacle. The harder the motors vibrate or the louder the sound is, the closer the user is to an obstacle.

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